it's a family affair

Working with professionals and other individuals from all walks of life, Jamel Shabazz has learned much about his life as an artist. Perhaps some of his more humbling experiences have taught him that there can be no real artistic expression without the interaction and collaboration of people because people within themselves are art and art, in any form, is life.

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3 classics & counting

A Brooklyn native and world-renown author, Jamel Shabazz has become a storyteller, both visually and verbally. He captivates one’s sight and innermost thoughts; all the while invoking a myriad of emotion and exposing the inner beauty that exists through struggle.

going solo

A picture can tell a thousand words: words of wisdom, inspiration…life. Jamel Shabazz’s works of literature compliment his visual presentation of the world as he sees it…in color and in black and white.

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