Seconds of My Life

by Jamel Shabazz

Having worked as a corrections officer in New York City for twenty years, Shabazz has witnessed the worst in humanity, yet he remains a humanist dedicated to preserving the legacy of our time, shooting with an eye for the future while preserving the present as a document of our collective past.

"Seconds of My Life", his fourth PowerHouse book, pays tribute to the people he has met throughout his struggles and his travels, and unstoppable tour de force through a remarkable life.

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A Time Before Crack

by Jamel Shabazz

Following up on his PowerHouse titles "Back in the Days" (2001) and "Last Sunday" in June (2003), Shabazz delivers another set of photographs taken of nascent hip-culture circa 1979-1985.

Nearly all of the 150 photos here are individual or group portraits; most are of young people in the streets; all reflect Shabazz’s extraordinary rapport with his subjects-even when the latter are striking a defiant pose.

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3 classics & counting

Back in the Days, A Time Before Crack and Secons of my Life show the depth of Jamels vast archive of timeless imagery. Just when you thought you have seen it all, he amazes you with yet another collection of stunning images taking us back in the day.

His motivation has never been to achieve iconic status. but to teach and motivate through the power of the visual arts.

Back in the Days

by Jamel Shabazz

Shabazz’s photographs celebrate the “cool” style of early hip-hop culture between 1980 and 1989. Though his work is firmly rooted in the tradition of urban street photography, Shabazz here shows his subjects striking a pose and staring straight into the camera.

The resulting images become less documentary and more yearbook-like in style. At first viewing, the clothes and posturing seem almost ridiculous, until we remember the excesses of the 1980s.

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